Available online and in major bookshops: https://lnk.to/eliminatingpovertyTW?s=08

Published by Flint Books, September 2023



"If you've ever wondered, like I have, how the government of a wealthy country such as ours, has so badly served its population in terms of mental health provision and the growing index of social ills, from poverty to care of the elderly, Helen Rowe provides a wealth of new ideas to begin to mend us" 

Jo Brand, British Comedian and TV presenter



"Imaginative, Unconventional, Illuminating and Innovative." 

Professor Danny Dorling, Oxford University


"A vital and comprehensive study of class inequality that commands your attention from start to finish"

Darren McGarvey, Author of Poverty Safari, Winner of The Orwell Prize (2018)


"Thought-provoking and always engaging"

Daniel Smith, Author of Scandal in Dolphin Square


About the book


Eliminating Poverty in Britain is a deep-dive into the effects of poverty on British society, families and individuals, and offers a detailed and realistic plan on how to end it in five years, without raising taxes.


The book draws on scientific analysis and the latest social research from around the world to detail how poverty affects the economy, the green agenda, communities, relationships and a person's mental and physical health - down to their very DNA.


It also considers the expected and unexpected consequences of success, both at home and around the world, and questions what Britons are missing out on while inequality remains.


After the pandemic, Brexit, war, austerity and the global financial crash, the public wants a more positive future. 

The question is: How do we create it?

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