About the Author

Helen Rowe is an award-winning social researcher and writer. Her expertise in the social housing sector includes leading campaigns on literacy and digital inclusion and as the co-founder of the Connected Housing Initiative, which worked to improve internet access for low-income residents. 

In central government, she worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a desk officer on chemical and biological weapons systems and spent five years seconded to the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) as a senior counter-terrorism officer. 

Her voluntary work has included prostitute support centres in London, East End food bank services, the collation of medical supplies for Ukraine and supporting local families at a children's clothing exchange. 

She lives in London with her husband and daughter.



Winner of The Page Turner Awards Mentorship Prize, 2021

As a new author, the mentorship with Karen Williams at Librotas was invaluable. I would encourage any budding authors out there to use a book mentor. I didn't know I needed her until I discovered how different writing a book is to any other form of work. If you need help with your manuscript, a book mentor can be a great way of maintaining the pace and direction of the project.


The Page Turner Awards is an international writing competition founded by Paula Sheridan to get new, unpublished writers discovered and to help published authors have their writing recognised and celebrated.  I am extremely grateful to Paula for setting up the awards. Ten months after winning, I signed my publishing deal with Flint Books. It was an invaluable spring-board for me as a debut author. For more information, see  www.pageturnerawards.com 


Winner of TPAS Award for Digital Engagement (Southern), 2014

Digital Inclusion project at Viridian Housing.

TPAS is a not-for-profit tenant engagement organisation which promotes, supports and champions tenant involvement and empowerment in social housing across England. For more information, see www.tpas.org.uk